Best Wordpress Plugin
to create & add interactive maps

Creates nice & handy maps to fit any of your tasks.
Marks points & places ads; sorts & filters; builds routes & adds animation.
Supports collective maps & markers customization.
Any stuff related to mapping in one awesome plugin ❤️
Unlimited use: available worldwide
Target audience
Create Wordpress websites? Plugin will save lots of time. A ready-made solution configured to fit any client’s project is what you need to move on
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Free basic plugin & paid add-ons to extend features
Basic plugin
sort & filter
Crowdmapping: collective maps
Customization: drawings & animation
Ways to Use
Plugin offers creating full-featured website in an instant
Show multiple available stores across whole country
Sort by any city or display one full list at once. Users will filter & sort stores to fit own needs: rating, operating mode, pickup features, services. Users geo to be updated automatically showing nearest stores available

End-result: make a webpage to fit any search needs
Real estate sales or rental website
Upload objects, create descriptions, set parameters. Plugin will display it on the map as a one handy list while real estate ads can be dynamically filtered & sorted

End-result: create a website similar to Airbnb in an instant
Create collective map with other users
Provide anyone with an opportunity to set own marking points with personal descriptions.

Approve & manage updated marking points.

End-result: unite users to solve issues that require collective brainstorming
Share routes & feedback
Upload and share routes in GPX.

Other users will upload own routes. Target audience is tourists, ATV owners, snowmobilers, and other world explorers.

End-result: build a community where users will share own travel experience
Attract & impress website users by never-before-seen effects & animation
A bunch of mapping features will set your website apart from thousand others
Use-cases are limited by your imagination only!
Plugin offers many great features to help customize maps up to your needs. Combine ‘em to make your wishes come true
Markers stylization
Markers' pop-ups
Custom marker description
Marker clusters
Detect users GEO
Fast maps duplication
Configure Map Controls
Update ads list on a map
Sort & Filter
Built-in search
GPX support
KML support
Share markers within different maps
Add personal markers
Use custom fields
Create routes
Draw lines & create areas
Extended animation
Plugin is compatible with most popular themes & other common plugins
Gutenberg; Elementor & WPBakery compatible
Responsive layout
Advanced Custom Fields
WP All Import
WP Multisite
Betheme, Avada, The7, Woodmart, Jupiter compatible
Best practices
Below are several websites created with plugin we provide
ATV owners' online community. Users post own routes in GPX format, add bright descriptions to marking points, share reports and find like-minded ones
Cosmetics brand with 2,000+ sale points across the country. All are placed on one map and combined into clusters. Maps of each city can now be built into any webpage
Motor stores chain. Our plugin displays store addresses in a convenient way — with detailed description & photo gallery
All features are available for you to try
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Basic plugin is free forever.
It is available on our website to download.
Paid add-ons with extended features are available also
Basic plugin
Unlimited use
$49 per year
$49 per year
$49 per year
$49 per year
❤️‍ 4-in-1 bundle
Cheap & handy:
$149 per year instead of $196
When add-on purchased, we’ll provide you with a personal license.
It allows to: use plugin on 1 domain; receive updates; priority support.
Personal license is valid for a year. Period can be extended after.
countries & cities
unlimited maps & markers
search, sort, filter
create maps with others
animation, drawings, KML
We Help Socially Noticeable Projects
Each month we offer 1 license to charitable & socially noticeable projects
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Support team is open weekdays from 10 AM to 18 PM (GMT -4).
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